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Mindtwister USA was founded in 2006, when two Swedish professional skateboarders came across a game called Pentago in Sweden and was released into the European market in 2005. Because of the uniqueness and strategy of Pentago, the two skateboarding entrepreneurs set out to bring Pentago to the USA and Canada. Since its humble beginnings, Pentago has won numerous international awards and in 2011 was able to boast that it had sold over one million Pentago games worldwide.
Today Mindtwister USA has developed into a prolific toy & game company and has created a dynamic line of award winning toys and games. At Mindtwister USA we're committed to creating products that challenge, engage and inspire all ages. (while having a ridiculous amount of fun). In 2011 we had our first official Pentago tournament at Gen Con in Indianapolis. It was a very well received event and launched our official Annual Pentago National Tournament. Every year Gen Con will host our annual tournament open to all ages.

Mission Statement

At Mindtwister USA, we play by the rules of fun and games for everyone. We believe that playing real games are an important part of friends and family life. It is our goal to design and build quality games that provide a lifetime of fun and treasured memories.


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Mindtwister USA, Tony
Mag is also a high flying
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